Bosham Cottages

About Bosham

The coastal jewel in West Sussex's crown

The Village stands on a small peninsula between two tidal creeks at the eastern end of Chichester Harbour. Sailors, artists, walkers and birdwatchers love the village all the year round. The National Trust owns Quay Meadow, where picnickers can enjoy unspoilt views across the creek to Chidham.

Bosham has a rich History. Holy Trinity Church is well worth a visit and is depicted and named in the Bayeux Tapestry, with King Harold entering it to pray before crossing the Channel more than 900 years ago to do battle with William of Normandy.

Bosham scenes

It was at Bosham that King Canute tried to turn the tide back. He was continually being told how all powerful he was and he decided that his courtiers needed a practical lesson in his mortality and to demonstrate that he was just a King and nothing more. He placed his throne at the edge of the sea and commanded that the waves should stop which, of course, they did not! King Canute’s daughter is reputed to have drowned in the Mill Stream and to be buried in the church itself.

Eating and drinking in Bosham

There’s plenty of choice for eating and drinking, which include:

  • Two delightful cafes in the village (Mariners, 1 High Street and The Captain’s Table in Bosham Walk Art and Craft Centre)
  • A 300 year old waterside pub, The Anchor Bleu with excellent food, beer and wines
  • The Berkeley Arms is situated on Bosham Lane between the cottages and the harbour and offers delicious food and drink al the year round.
  • Memories of India supplies exotic cuisine from the rich heritage of the Indian sub continent

Things to see and do near Bosham and Chichester

The immediate vicinity provides a wealth of attractions and activities for visitors to the area.

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